Jul 31, 2006

Things That I Choose Not To View As Such

Recently, I was given a kinda weird cup. It's like one of those travel coffee mugs, but it's really small, way too small for the amount of coffee I need in the mornings, and it doesn't have a sippy hole--just a cap that covers the whole cup. Weirdest of all, it has a little gingerbreadman-type dude on it, who has "Mr. Friendly" written across his chest. And his slogan is "Think like Mr. Friendly."

And, continuing: "Mr. Friendly doesn't like faces that are sad, hateful, or angry. He wishes to make people feel warmer and gentler all the time."

Now, the questions that spring to mind include, "Why was this the gift for me? What does this say about me? Is this person trying to tell me that I need to take a page out of Mr. Friendly's happy book?"

Only I choose not to allow those questions to make a dent. This cup is actually perfect--it holds only enough ice water for me to drink before it gets warm (any more water and I can't drink it that fast and it gets all tepid). Mr. Friendly can just sit there beaming his friendly vibes at me, and I won't take it personally.

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