Jun 21, 2006

Soho Chic/Sheesh

In an effort to have firmer legs and better sleep, I am walking the mile or so from Christopher Street to Spring back and forth every day. The walk takes me through my favorite parts of the city, cutting across the Village and down into Soho. If I ever get paid again, I already have several shops that I've eyed for money-spending purposes.

But pre-shopping isn't even the best part. When you're walking around the Village at 8:30 in the morning, well, let's just say it's a very different scene from Bleecker Street at 11:30 at night. However, there are still tiny indications that you are, indeed, in the land of leather and lace (often worn together).

For example, this morning, I saw a woman walking a dog. The dog was carrying its chew toy in its mouth. ("Uhuh," you're saying, "and this is weird because...") The chew toy was an old dildo.

Please don't share any of the gross implications with me. I've thought of as many as I want to, and more.

So that was the Village portion of the walk. Shortly thereafter, I hit Houston and crossed the Line of Demarcation. Shops far swankier (but not much pricier) began appearing. And I am here to report that Banana Republic has apparently reverted to its former identity. No longer is it the place to go buy striped shirts and A-line skirts. No, Banana Republic is back to being the go-to place for all your safari needs. If I remember correctly, their new slogan is Khaki Wonderland.

Furthermore, why is it okay for everyone in the world to sit and smoke outside Balthazar? How am I going to peek in the windows to get my celebrity-sighting fix if I'm being nicotined-out? (Hey, do you suppose Balthazar pays people to sit there and puff to protect the "privacy" of its customers?)

FYI: more celebrity talk to come, I'm just waiting for Daily Celeb to catch up with social butterfly me.

Time Running, Tegan and Sara


Mal: (into com) "Wash, we've got some local color happening. Your grand entrance would not go amiss right now."

Mal: "There's just an acre of you fellas, ain't there?" (to Zoe) "This is why we lost, you know. Superior numbers."

Zoe: "Thanks for the re-enactment, sir."


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