May 22, 2006

You Suck, Rich Moreau

And for reasons having nothing to do with my recent splattering of the Flatiron Lounge. No, this is a far worse offense: capri pants for men.

I saw two of them on the way to work today. Count them: two. Both times I was too shocked and horrified to take a picture, but rest assured--you will all see them for yourselves.

"Masculine" capri pants are apparently in. Armageddon is upon us.

On another note, I did end up tearing out the stripey poncho. Back at square one am I. But I finished the afghan of doom. Which should make up for the frogged poncho, but sadly does not.

Down, Down, Down, Tom Waits

Lorne: Hate to be the little demon who cried apocalypse nowish... but, uh...

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