May 24, 2006

I'm Not a Grocery Bag

This morning, anyone eavesdropping on me would have heard me shouting "feck you!" "Oh, fecking feck off, you feckers!" Or words to that effect.

I'm pre-pregnant? Even if I never plan to have children, I'm pre-pregnant, and should treat my body as such? A well-cared for carrier of possible progeny. Since childbearing is my only goal and valid experience and role in life, I really appreciate such thoughtful advice. Now I'll just wait until someone fills me up, and shuttles me around until I'm ready to unload.

And what the hell is the Christian Medical and Dental Association on about? Frankly, I doubt God is focusing on whether life begins at fertilization, at implantation, or at the moment a teenager starts menstruating. The CMDA would do better to tell my dentist to stop drilling excessively, or to tell my doctor that I really don't need to spend the $15 copay to come in and be told absolutely nothing (and I'm sure my insurance company would agree).

And oooh, get this: Abstinence Clearinghouse sponsors "Purity Balls" in which the teenage girl's date is her father. At these balls, the father gives his daughter a "purity ring," which symbolizes her promise to maintain her virginity for her future husband. During her eventual marriage ceremony, the daughter gives the ring to her new husband.

I don't even know where to start--the incestual implications are just so vast. Let me tell you, Guy will have absolutely NOTHING to do with Girl's sex life. And I'm sure the new hubby is just thrilled that his bride's sexuality had been so well-tended by her father. Do you suppose if the daughter messes up, the father will tattoo her chest with a scarlet letter?

Have I ever had casual sex? Yes. Is sex something I take seriously, emotionally as well as medically? Yes.
Would I have an abortion? No. If raped? Probably. (Related topic: if I were raped, and the hospital I went to sent me down the street to get a morning-after pill, would I feel like I was being vitimized further? Yes). Do I think abortion is often taken too lightly? Yes. Do I think the government has the right to legislate? No.

Do any of these questions matter? NO. Because goddamn it, abortion is legal. Sex is legal--and are these people honestly hearing themselves say that they have any right whatsoever to tell anyone whether to have sex or worse, how to feel about having sex, inside of marriage, outside of marriage, before adulthood, at all? It's absurd.

But it is happening. And let me tell you, I'm going to run down to Duane Reade right now to pick up my refill for my birth control pills, because I don't want any child of mine to be subjected to this abuse.

I had sex last night. And I liked it. Not that it's anyone's business.

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Dee Esq said...

MAN, you sound upset.

It's probably all those pre-pregnancy hormones raging.