May 25, 2006

Further Pre-Pregnant Thoughts:

Unfortunately, I burned the article that got me all riled up, so I'm unable to provide accurate quote sources. But since this is just a rant, professional journalism doesn't really have a place anyway.

I distinctly recall someone--I don't think it was the CMDA, but rather a leader in the Christian Right--saying that contraception encourages homosexuality.

Yep. Quite a leap in logic there, eh? I mean, honestly, if there's anyone who has no use for contraception, it's a homosexual couple. This person argued that contraception encourages consequence-free sex, which encourages experimentation, which leads you to-bingo! Sodom and Gemorrah.

I have to wonder what the CMDA's position is on breast-feeding: although breast-feeding is proven to have an extraordinarily beneficient effect on infant health, it does act as a natural contraceptive. Does the prevention of future children outweigh the benefits for the current child? It wouldn't surprise me. Not to mention, excessive contact with breasts may encourage promiscuity later in life.

Whores Hustle, Hustlers Whore, PJ Harvey

Luke (re: breastfeeding): When did that become acceptable? In the old days, a woman would never consider doing that in public. They'd go find a barn or a cave or something. I mean, it's indecent. This is a diner not a peep show.
(Gilmore Girls)

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